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A fun musical adventure with Ramshackle Orchestra

It was a fun musical adventure with Ramshackle Orchestra at Christchurch Bath, as we explored a range of genres and styles. From Stevie Wonder’s soulful Living For The City to David Guetta’s catchy Titanium, we kept the audience on their toes with our eclectic set list.

We also showed off our skills in jazz, blues, rock and classical music, with tunes like Chameleon, Universal, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and We Have All the Time in the World. And of course, we couldn’t resist adding some movie magic with themes from Once Upon a Time in the West, The Last of the Mohicans, Pirates of the Caribbean and Mission Impossible. We ended the night with a bang, playing Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics and getting everyone to tap along.

We are so grateful to the Ramshackle Orchestra for inviting us to join them for this concert. They are a fantastic group of musicians who share our passion for making music accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We loved their lively and energetic performance, and we hope to collaborate with them again in the future. We also want to thank everyone who came to support us and cheer us on. We really appreciate your enthusiasm and feedback. You are the reason we do what we do!

If you missed this concert, don’t worry - we have more exciting events coming up soon. Stay tuned for updates on our website and social media. And if you want to join us as a player or a listener, you are always welcome. Get in contact!

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We are proud to share that we were nominated for the 2023 Creative Bath Awards in the Performance category! The Creative Bath Awards celebrate the amazing talent and creativity of Bath. We thank the Creative Bath team for organising this fantastic event and for choosing us as finalists. We also congratulate all the other nominees and the winners for their amazing work and achievements. We are the BathTub Orchestra, a friendly community orchestra in Bath that plays everything from pop songs to classical favourites. We started in October 2018 and since then we have been exploring different genres and styles, from pop songs, jazz, blues, film soundtracks and classical favourites. We welcome players of all levels and ages, and we have a lot of fun making music together. If you want to join us or find out more about us, please get involved via our website   or follow us on   Facebook , Instagram , or YouTube .